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I`m Paulo, I study English on Saturdays. My English school is New Way in Canoinhas, a small city in North of Santa Catarina state, in Brazil. I started my English course in this school in 2013, because I needed it for my graduation course. I have had many teachers in four years. My current teacher is Mrs. Pereira, and I have 3 classmates in my class. I learn much in my classes, because my classmates are younger than me, and we talk about many things, what help us in our comprehension. Mrs. Pereira is an excellent teacher, she does interesting classes, I really like talking to her because we can tell about different things. We talk about politics, places, tourism, trips, for example. For me this English course is very important, I hate the Saturdays when we don`t have classes or I can`t go. For me this course is a therapy. I enjoy my classes, because for some time I can forget the preoccupations of the week. I`m a teacher, my week is full of activities in two schools, and I have other activities and responsibilities, so on Saturday I can forget my problems and learn some new things. In my opinion learning other language is excellent to open our minds, and to know other possibilities of life, and know new cultures. The English language is very important in modern world, is the way for you to communicate in many places and countries. If you want to speak English, I suggest you New Way school. Here you can find excellent teachers, good didactic material and a good structure. The prices are small, the quality is the best in Canoinhas, and you can drink the best coffee! My classmates and I like so much this coffee. Join us, come to the New Way!. We are waiting for you… (P.O.Moreira)

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