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One major question to the next generations, of course, is the electronic trash, and we cannot consider just TVs, laptops, MP4s, computers and electronic devices, but also refrigerators, microwaves, stoves and a lot of modern products that become quickly obsolete. The capitalist world says the rules through the ads on TV, radio, internet among other broadcasting ways, to show you the ultimate model and convince you to buy a new one and discard the old. The actual consumption and discard generates each time more electronic trash and this is the major question to the future: How to manage this trash? What is the best way to do it? There are a lot of articles commenting about the most different ways to solve this problem, but just little things are being done to help our planet. Recycling is for sure the best strategy to minimize the problem of  the electronic trash and the Japanese have a technology to recycle cell phones which can recover 80% of materials from a cell phone. The bad part of technology is the high cost to recycle. Countries like Japan need to import the raw material, so, it is cheaper to recycle, but for countries like Brazil that has sources of minerals, recycling isn’t economically viable. Brazilian government must assume this responsibility and incentivize the companies to recycle, bringing this technology to minimize the impact of electronic trash. For us, what rests is to be more conscious at the time to buy and discard the electronic devices we have today, and the ones we will still have. (Cleiton C.)

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