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artigosAnd the future will be . . .

Maybe people will live in Mars or will have a microchip implanted in their brains. There won’t be any more diseases. The food will be totally industrialized, there will have a water capsule and teleportation. (N.S. and A.C.H.- teens)

In the future, the world will be more different because probably there will be robots making everything – food, house cleaning - and they will dominate the world. Schools won’t exist, food will be in capsules, finding water will be very difficult and to buy it, much more. Cars will fly and the houses will disappear. The heat will be unbearable and the buildings will be higher. (R.B. and N.G.- teens)

Life in the future will be quite different. The medicine will be more developed because the technology will improve. The transports will be the same, maybe the accidents with planes and cars will diminish. In the future, the robberies will diminish because people will have conscience and won’t be jerks. (M.L. and B.T. – teens)

In the future the technology will be super advanced, the mobile phones, computers and TV will be in your mind and your eyes. One microchip will be implanted in the brain and that will make possible to see, imagine videos, photos, messages, programes, calls, buying online, paying bills and playing games. In the future, water will be scarce but scientists will create machines to transform salt water in sweet one. Super storms will happen and acid rain will be controlled by machines. The water will be in capsules and the food will be canned. Houses will have solar plates and there won’t be wars.(J.S., F.W. and V.B. – teens)


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