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artigosWomen Rights.

Women nowadays aren’t respected, valorized, and treated like men. And it’s something that had happened a long time ago. With the time, many things are becoming better but the violence is still growing.

            It makes girls feel less than they really are, and their lives have been affected in the way society acts and think about women. If someday we learn how to treat a girl, we will evolve a lot and women will not be supposed just to be in the house, taking care of the children or being pretty. They will make big things and change the world to a better place.

(B.P.M. - teen)

Nowadays the woman rights are changing; we are still fighting everyday for being respected and deserve a good place in society.

            Women want to receive the same as men, women want to go out and not be harassed. Women need to live without feeling afraid for just being women!
We need to be free to do what we want!

            Men, stop being so dumb and think so small, thinking that you have the power over us. We need to have equal rights, without one being better than the other, we just need peace.

(K.T. - teen)

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