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artigosViolence at school

Adolescents nowadays have one more way to violent each other. Verbally or physically, this is a reality in Brazil and other countries in the world, mainly in public schools. In the classroom, is even worse because they don’t have fear of the teachers, what is so sad because shows that there’s no respect to the teachers any more. Normally, teens fight for friendship, boyfriends or girlfriends, showing they don’t have maturity and clearly can’t have access to white weapons or fire weapons. In classrooms, normally teens don’t use weapons and fight punching, kicking, and other violent movements. (Manu - teen)

School is a typical scenary of violence, this violence can have another name - bullying. Some adolescents bully others physically or verbally. Violence at school can bring more serious problems like depression or suicide. These students make bullying because of the prejudice they have. (Luana - teen)

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