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artigosLet the changes happen!

Things are happening all time and we keep evolving as the time passes. We evolve and keep changing the world and ourselves as we live moments that can be good or bad.

As the things start happening we change the way we look the world. The way you thought one year ago is so much different from how you think now. We learn things and this knowledge we add in ourselves is what starts the changing in our lives. That’s why people say the older ones have experience, because they had more time to live and learn things. But this doesn’t mean they are more mature and the ones you should ask everything. They lived a lot of experiences but we have to remember that it was a very different time, with more prejudice and all stuffs.

That’s a funny thing to think, as we change ourselves we change the society and as society changes it changes us, so it is like a loop. All the things change and will keep changing.

 But as people change themselves, they create the image that changing is a bad thing, because they like the way they are now, so why should they change?

This image is something that is not healthy to have. There are people who start doing some courses in college, for example engineering, but they feel uncomfortable doing that. Sometimes they have fear to do what they love, normally because of social status. Imagine that guy doing engineering, if he wants to do arts. People will say bad comments like “who will pay the bills for you?”, “this profession brings low salaries” or “who you want to be?”! The answer is simple, you have to be yourself and life is a cycle, and all time you will change.

The most important things are: keep yourself alive and keep yourself happy. Learning things is something natural and you will always think like “how stupid I was last year”. That’s a sign that you’ve changed, and this is normal and good, so why there is the fear of changing yourself?

All the little things that happen in your life change you and, as Darwin told us one time, “who lives is not the strongest or the most intelligent, is the one that can adapt itself to live”.

Vinícius B.T.

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