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Our Brazil passes for a big moment, a big history with strike of truckers, and our society needs help for, food, remedies, and products necessary for us. And we have our animals that need food, too. Unfortunately our country doesn’t give us value, and we must have hope for a better times. (Geovana M.)

Everyone knows that Brazil is passing through a hard time, our country is changing little by little, and we have to support it. Truck drivers are on strike but, please, don’t be angry, now that gasoline has finished, that supermarkets don’t have more fresh food, It’s hard to go to other cities. However, they are doing that for us,  I don’t know if it will work, but we are going on the right way.(Luana Caroline)

I think that Brazil needs a movement like this for people in the government see that we won’t accept everything that they are “forcing” us to. So, a strike like this one, that is having great proportions, will probably wake ”them” up for these things that affect people all over the country. (Maryana)

●  It’s a very important movement that represents all the Brazilians

● I think that impacts all the sides of our society

● The government needs to do something to please the drivers

● With this movement we can see that all the parts of production are important

● I like this movement (Rafaela B.)

I think this strike is one of the ways that people found to show their indignation about the increase of taxes, mainly of the gasoline.This ‘’movement’’ demonstrates that we won’t give up easily, cause the government doesn’t think we will continue with the strike , but if the tax doesn’t diminish and the state don’t do anything about this, our country will be in ‘’crysis’’ and we won’t give up of our rights. (Beatriz)

First of all, I agree with the strike, cause we are very oppressed by the government, so, they are gonna see they don't have the power to stop this country, we have voice and we are tired, we don’t need more taxes and robbery ‘cause we put the politicians there, and they don’t do anything for us, they just think in their lives. Second, I think that it is a cool thing for us to see that without truck drivers, we are nothing, our lives depend on them. So if the government doesn’t do anything, to reduce tax or make our lives a bit more easy, they won’t stop, and for me, it is a correct thing to do. (Victor)

I totally agree with this situation. We are passing for bad things. But we need to hold on thight in this and not give up.  It’s about getting what we deserve, it’s our country. Will we be affected? Of course we will. But, it’s about our rights, and the people need to know why this has happened. They don’t know, and this kind of harms the strike. We need all the population to support this because it’s the only way to win what we want. It’s for us. (Giovana W.)

I’m scared with Brazil’s situation, ‘cause we are living in a chaos. All the people are asking for changes but nobody arrives in a consensus.The politicians are trying to make an agreement but the population is crazy. I don’t know what will happen and what is better for our country, but I think an intervention will make everything worse than now. When I imagine a dictatorship, I see people like a doll, ‘cause here everybody is different, so, why you will make everybody do the same things? It’s crazy. (Gisela) 

If the strike continuous, the food will end up, the water, gas too, many people will not manage to arrive in many locals, ‘cause the distance is so long. Consequently all the commerce will stop, all the locals like schools, shops, supermarkets … I think if that continuous, all the population will suffer, and many people can’t see their families and for example come back after a trip, ‘cause of no gas. Concluding, if the government doesn’t do anything to fix this conflict, the situation will just be worst. (Alice)

I don’t know so much about politicians and politics, but I am getting some information on the internet about the TRUCK DRIVERS STRIKE, which is affecting a lot of people in Brazil now, including me and my family, ‘cause we are not having almost all of the products in our supermarkets, drugstores and in the commerce nowadays. My parents are going to do one stock in our home today, because we don’t know when the products are going to run out of the supermarkets. It can happen today or tomorrow, so, we have to take care about this situation. (André M. M.)


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