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The first thing that comes to my mind when I see the word “memories”, is a song, But why’s that? Because I have a good memory about this song, 'cause I liked it.

So, that’s what our brains do, we keep good stuff on our minds, because we like remembering it.

For example, if you have a really good moment with someone, or even alone, if it’s something that in some way it marks you, you won't forget, and that’s why is so difficult to forget a boyfriend or a girlfriend, cause you had great moments with them.

The same with sad situations. When you lose someone, you have so many memories on your mind, and knowing that you can’t live it again with that person, or even recreate that, activates billion things on your mind about that, and in like, one second, and that’s why you suffer, 'cause grief is love and emotions with no place to go.

So, that is what memories are, they keep love! (Mariana - teen)

In the time that I am, all the students have to memorize a lot of things to the vestibular, but always appear the thought - maybe we manage to record all the subject?

The key for the success in remembering things is simple! Make a joke of all formulas, it will help you in some cases. You can make one analogy of your day, with all the things you want to remember.

With these two simple things, you will have more chances to get a good grade in a test. (Rafaela - teen)

It sucks. I mean, I ever remember what I have for lunch today. But sometimes random things just pop at my mind and I just can’t stop to think about them.

My memory should be better because of the vestibular/senac. But it just doesn’t get better. (Isabele - teen)

So, when I need to remember something to my classes or my studies, I always write in my notebook the principal information about the subject and almost always I can remember that after.

But, when it comes to stupid things like forget my cell phone, my documents or anything in my hands, I can't overcome.

I’m very forgetful and this is the thing that I most have to be better at. (Beatriz - teen)




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