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The lonely Easter Bunny had stop to think that he deserved a Bunny lover, so he thought: “ as I can take eggs out from my magic hat, I can also take out my lover”! And that’s how Easter Bunny met his lover!
Happy Easter! (Isabele)

Once Upon a Time in a farm, all the chickens were talking about eggs, and a little Bunny said that he wanted to lay eggs too, but he was just a Bunny. Then the Bunny learned magic, and now he can give eggs to everyone on Easter. (Luana)

Mr. Bunny always tries to pick a rabbit in a magic hat, but he never managed, he doesn’t know why. But one day he sat on the magic hat to lay, when he picked up his magic hat, and got surprised: his eggs were transformed in chocolate! So, he started to lay and pick eggs of chocolate off the magic hat! (Victor)

Once Upon a Time, a Bunny was looking for his boat, when a bull appeared and asked help to get his cap that he had left in the top of trees. When they were getting near the local, they fell in a hole. Inside the local they found the horse store’s key and went there. When they got in the store, they only found fans. When they were coming back, frustrated because didn’t find horses, they saw the Bunny’s boat, and started to fly with that, but they hit in a volcano, flat tyre!  They survived but no watermelon left because crocodile doesn’t eat lettuce. (Pedro)

A turnover happened - 
Instead of the Bunny being taken off the hat, he is the one that’s taking something out from the hat! Sometimes, the world can change! (Mary)

Once upon a time there was a fat rabbit and he did not like chocolate. One day he tasted chocolate and hated it. So he never ate anymore. The End! (Guilherme)

The Love of a Bunny - Once upon a time a little rabbit fell in love with another Bunny. Benedito started flirting with Luana for months, but he was never corresponded. One day he decided to talk with her. Poor Benedito! Luana was gay and he didn’t know! (Eduarda)

Once upon a time in a magic world and in the dreams of the kids, appeared a Bunny very funny and colorful to realize desires. When people slept he appeared with his magic hat, and talked to us. One child dreamed with him and discovered one thing very important for  life. That Bunny had a house full of chocolate! There were candy flowers, it was a very sweet home. And the information more important for him, he is responsible to produce eggs for Easter! He had a little stick and he transformed a normal egg in Chocolate Egg. (Bruna)

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