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The origin of the Moon? I think that the moon appeared in one impact with the planet Earth and was divided in the space. (G.M. – teen)

I think that the Moon had come from million miles away from the space just wandering and accidentally entered in the Earth gravity. I know that is just a theory, and there can be thousands of manners on how the Moon appeared in our gravity system, but I think this could be the rightest one. (G.M.D. – teen)

The Moon is the only natural satellite of the Earth and the fifth largest in the Solar System. It is  very important for our life, this satellite changes the things in the Earth, like the ocean, plants and other things. (R. B. – teen)

At the beginning when the Earth was just rock, a piece of rock splintered from the planet, formed the Moon, and the space left became the Pacific Ocean. (teen)

People are very stupid for producing a lot of trash and don’t find a manner to end with it. Besides polluting the planet Earth, also pollute the Moon. Now, some questions: Where the trash will end up? When the population will create consciousness? What more needs to happen? (G.K. – teen)

I think the Moon should be more preserved, and we should not throw trash on it. The moon is very important for ourselves, plants and animals. The moon controls the humour of the people. (A.D. – teen)

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