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artigosSeul and Panama Canal Curiosities

1 -  Seul 

- Is the most populous city in country.

- Is one of the most populated metropolis on the planet.

- Its country is the most connected in the world.

- The internet speed there is three times higher than the global average.

- Some bars there close with the sunrise.

- There are many cosmetic advertisements in the city due to high consumption (including men).

- In its country they consider that you are born with a year, (not zero) and everyone celebrates the change of age together … in the New Year´s Day.


2 –Panama Canal  

- France started the construction in 1881, they left the work because of problems with dengue and malaria.

- It is estimated that more than 20.000 people died there.

- It is considered one of the great wonders of engineering in the world.

- The Americans took over its construction in 1904 and it took ten years to complete it, in 1914.

- Extends for 80km between the pacific and Atlantic Ocean side.

- Ships of the world when constructed take into account the measures of the locks, 33.5m wide and 305m long.

- Almost 15.000 ships pass by it every year.

- Crossing the channel varies between 8 and 10 hours.

- The highest amount paid so far to cross it was $ 376.000 and the lowest value was $ 0,36 - Richard Halliburton went swimming.

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