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One day in a court adolescents were judged because they were accused of setting fire in a building.

A few hours before…

Teenagers were at a party and they got drunk, also high. But suddenly a flame started appearing in the room, and everyone was screaming. However, they got outside of the building and ran out of the building and ran to the streets and they passed through a magazine store and all the magazines went to the grown. Finally they escaped from there but they were so high that they started hallucinating and seeing random stuff. (G.M.D. - teen)


One day a man was being judged by a lawyer, the lawyer was a really rich businessman, owner of the best building of the city. The judged man, a night before, was in a party with his friends, also from the same age as him, cheated the poor boy by putting drugs into his drink. However, he got drank, and lost his consciousness. HIs friends started to play a game they saw in a magazine, it was a game of challenges and they asked him to put a candle inside the building, but suddenly he said he wouldn’t do that.  His “friends” set fire in the curtain of the building and it caught fire. When the police came the bad guys said that the poor boy was guilty. Finally, he was accused but nothing happened to him. (E.S.- teen)


One day a lawyer was fired because he just thought in working and didn’t enjoy his life. He went home and his friend called him.

-Hey! What’s up?

-Hello! I’m not very well, I was fired!

- Oh, guy! That’s bad. I am in a party, if you want to de-stress come here!

-Ok, I am going!

They partied a lot and also drunk. But suddenly he fell off the window of the flat where it was having the party and he fainted. He woke up and he was really confused. However, he saw that he was in a dumping place.  Finally, he saw a sign that said “welcome to Amazonia”.(V.M.-teen)

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