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artigosWould we survive a clean planet?

Once upon a time politicians were arguing about the environment and its effects on human’s life. At the end of it, they had decided that cars should have only electricity as source of power, that someone putting down a tree without the right authorization would die, and electricity could only be generated from renewable sources.

For a long time it worked but, after that, nature took control and humans started to die, I mean, being sick because the air was so pure they couldn’t breathe it, then natural disasters begun, and faster than you can think, even octopus had access to I-pads, phones, technology -  you got my point.

However, humans started being killed because of what the politicians made, I mean, they were putting down trees to try saving themselves and by doing that they had unretired their electric-saws.

After doing it, the law went down but the humans` actions on Earth weren’t enough to save the planet. Ruins started to fall from all around the world, especially where the air was purer.

Eventually, they built the ship that could transform pure air in dirty air, so we, more specifically our grandparents bought the tickets so they could breathe the air they had grown up breathing .

And kids, that is the story, now we end up here.



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