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     I think that the mainly thing which touches my heart are actions, not only mine, but everybody’s. ‘Cause at the end of the day I think of everything that I did, and if I did it right, or what I could have done, instead.

   Another thing that touches me is people crying! I can’t see a person crying that I want to cry with her/him or hug her/him! It’s sad for me to see a person suffering for something and know that I can’t do anything to help her/him.

   Apart from that, there’s a powerful weapon that makes people sad or happy in a blink of an eye, and it’s closer than you think! The words!

  With one wrong word you can ruin the whole person’s day or with the right word you can make her day better! It’s magic how powerful it is, ‘cause it can make you think all day about it, or your whole life, ‘cause some people don’t like to “show” their thoughts and feelings and they keep them for themselves, and that’s when people get overloaded and stressed! (Maryana L.)

* I get happy when I am eating soup

* when I get a good grade in a subject that I don’t know very well

* when I watch Nicolas Spark’s films/movies

* when someone do the dishes for me.

* when I lay down on my bed and when it is already warm.

* I get mad when someone tells me to do something and I already know what I’ve got do to.

* when someone replaces me for beer/alcohol.

* when someone is too happy while I’m sad (but I don’t demonstrate it)

* I get emotionally instable when I’ve got arguments or have a misunderstanding with someone I care about

* with social problems like terrorism or violence, machismo, homophobia or perjury.

* when I’m watching a drama on TV and someone asks me about it and I need to pause it to explain it.

* when someone screams at me for no reason

* with laughs noises( like TU) - (Isabele G.)

    I think that the things which touch me are related to the end of our lives, what happens after we die.

    If we believe that nothing happens after our death and that we are here just because of randomness, there’s no reason to keep alive. That’s why it touches me, because I can’t understand someone that believes we die and nothing happens.

     If we couldn’t reason, we keep alive just for instinct, but we have thoughts. And if you believe nothing happens after death, you keep alive because you’re afraid of death?

   That’s why humans created religion, to life have a sense, to our lives keep one objective. (Vinícius T.)

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