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Body language is something that we are constantly using, but most of times we don`t notice it. Depending on how we are expressing ourselves, it may influence the way we are gonna act and the way we feel about us, for example, if I do it in a powerful way probably it will change the way I’ll face some situations. (A.T. - teen)

Nonverbal communication. Tiny tweaks lead to Big Changes, this is an advice which I should apply in my life. Encouraging our minds (and our bodies to make our minds) can provide such important differences the way others see us and even the way we fell and think about ourselves. Introducing these information from TED`s video (a great platform!), little by little, it is a manner to increase and be able to receive the good things around us. (L.L. – teen)

Watching this video I discovered the expressions and what I think about the motivation for making, it`s so crazy but happens all days with people, when you are nervous you don’t think similar to when you are happy and this transforms your day. Your mind detects if people are so good or bad in seconds and don’t have how to prove why, but happens, and because of that I think the technology never overcomes the independent means which involve it. (F.K. – teen)

Emotion can move the world. If all people stop to see how their bodies communicate, they will understand why they behave when talking to other person. Do certain exercises can modify the form you see the things. (L.R.S. – teen)

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