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Kissing for me is a manner to demonstrate love, kindness and respect.

Kissing shows Love.

A mom`s kiss is a demonstration of love to her son, when people love, they kiss.

The power of kissing - The kiss demonstrates love, respect, and affection. When you kiss a person, you demonstrate you like the person.

Kissing brings germs.

Kiss is something that represents your love for another person, can be on the cheek or mouth.

Kissing demonstrates I am interested in you!

Kissing is love proof.

Kissing demonstrates what I feel for the person.

Kissing is putting your mouth in the other person`s mouth and do a dance with the tongue.

Kissing is a way of expressing the love and attraction.

Stop talking and kiss now!!!

Kiss is a consideration of love, of kindness! 

When you kiss someone for a long time your brain can die!

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