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Our mother can be the best person of our lives. Being a mother isn’t the best thing of our lives. Being a mother isn’t an easy thing, mainly if she has a big family and lots of responsibilities.

         Being a mother can be a funny thing, because you have more people in your family, someone to talk to and love unconditionally. Our moms do everything to make our lives better and happier. They hug us when we’re sad or angry with something and give us advices for all.

         But who says it’s easy? Probably isn’t. They need to care their birds even when they’re grown and think if they’re happy, clean and prepared for life, because this is their function on the theory.

         In conclusion, I just can say, moms are our past, present and future and all our lives. So mothers are most preciously than any diamond in our planet, and a day for them, is just a reason to love them more and remember the moms every second of our lives. Happy Mother`s Day !(N.S.G.- teen)

Dear Mom!

The prettiest

 and most intelligent of the world

Just mine and

No one else’s

Sometimes we fight

And sorry if I made you cry

Mom and kids is like that

Like the ‘war love’

All advices I didn’t listen to

I’m regretful

And you are very important

To my life

Now I’m grown

And you don’t have to choose my clothes

I’d like to thank you

And say I LOVE YOU!!  (L.O.G. – teen)

My Mother

Why do I Love my mother?

She is my best friend

She never abandons me

She understands me better than anyone

She helps me always in my decisions

Mothers are always right, they love their kids, and sometimes kids don’t understand the mother`s way of love.

They love their families more than all, and don’t deserve disappointment with kids. (M.F.P. – teen)

Being a mother is a singular thing, hardly translated with words, but make being a mother a so especial thing.

         Dedication and love are just two in a world of a thing that the mother does with perfection, and all this isn’t because someone obliges her, but because she loves her kids.

         And just for that, sometimes she is very angry it isn’t because she likes to be angry, but because she doesn’t want to see her son making a bad or dangerous thing, and in most parts of the time she is actually right.

         A lot of texts can be written about mothers, but none of them could say all the things that mothers do, because truly, just a mother could tell us about it.

         Just to finish, being a mother seems to be a really special thing, but, we will never know how this is. (D.M.B. –teen)


I’m gonna say some good points and bad points about mothers. Making it clear I’m not gonna say these points about my mother.  Here I go.

The best point is that she will always be there for you, when nobody will be there, she will. Unless, she’s passed away.

Another good point is that when you want to eat something, she will make it or cook it for you. She probably knows you better than you know yourself. (what can be a bad point, too)

The worst point is that she knows you better than you know yourself, so she will always know when you are lying or when you are hiding something, for more stupid it can be, she will know. She is always right even when she is wrong, so don’t start an argument with her because you will always get out losing. Not counting she will be always reminding you about your ex-boyfriend, ex-best friend even your ex-friend.

In conclusion, you will love her and hate her at the same time, but in my opinion this is the best kind of relationship that exists, because even knowing her defects, you still love her. (I.G.- teen)

         Mother is not just a word it’s a feeling that I have in my heart.

We know the luck in our lives. Without your hug I am just an insecure kid. (L.R.S.-teen)

      Mom, you should never be disappointed or hurt or mistreated

         You should only receive love, hugs full of love, kisses full of love, and words full of love

         You wish for my best, my protection and my progress.

         And what can I do?

         I can just take care of you, love you and make you proud for what I am or what I will be.        

         You deserve it! (L.L.- teen)

         For me my mother is the best person of the world, helps me in the bad moments of my life, when other people never come to me, and this is very important to all sons. Her person feels your importance, and you see her different, her love to you. And when you notice all things that you make for you mother, you are little comparing to what she signifies. In this time we don’t give much value and don`t help in all moments because we have our problems, making her been left behind and even so she understands. It’s the difference about a friend or other people, and your mother. (F.K. – teen)

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