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1 - Once upon a time there was a little duck living in a cold lake. It wasn’t so beautiful, black and thin, but after some years, it would be so wonderful. And the times passed. In a wonderful morning when the little duck was not a little duck anymore, it became a big duck, and probably its destiny would be “the kitchen”- poor duck! Are you crazy? Put a big and beautiful duck inside the pan? We have to put it in a public lake, to embellish the city! 

2 – Nowadays is very common to lose our control with the children. They don’t want to play on the backyard. They have been watching so much television and using the computer – they need more limits, to develop a sense of respect! In fact the children need more outdoor activities. We have to be patient with them and invite them to play outside in the garden. Great! I will do this tomorrow!!

3 – If I were younger I would like to be a ballet dancer, because I think it is very beautiful and easy to dance. But, to be a ballet dancer we need many hours of training. When I was very young, I had much time for training, but I didn’t have money. Nowadays, I don’t have time and money either! Despite the money doesn’t exist, it is possible to go ahead…life goes on and good, interesting moments will happen. However, I’m not a ballet dancer, I never was, after all, life changes!   

4 – Certainly, the future will be much better, because the transportation will be faster. In the future there will be teleportation and we’ll go everywhere in the world. Life will be very comfortable and funny. Can you imagine thinking in a place and with the teleportation you go to that place? So funny! And, could it be possible to travel to the future too? Or not???       (Adão, André, Daiane, Daniela, Guilherme, Lúcia and Milton)                                                                                         

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