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artigosAspects to be considered about the World Cup in Brazil.

-I disagree with people that are against it. I know Brazil has a lot of problems but the World Cup is not a problem, it’s a party, happiness and important. About the positive points, a lot of tourists and money to Brazil, the improvement in public transport, stadiums, too…About the negative points, well, it’s hard to talk about negative when you like football,  but when they spent so much money, it’s hard, you know the real quantity. I don’t see as a negative side because they spend a lot of money in Carnival and why?... (D.E.B.)

- The positive aspects: be the opportunity to show the country and the beautiful nature of this country and other things, like the cities. The opportunity for the people to have interest for different cultures and the money spent here. The negative things are the money and the resources spent in constructions, roads, airports and stadiums, and of course, the money stolen by politicians and companies. (A.L.N.P.)

- I heard on the news that this World Cup in Brazil is the most expensive cup of the world. We spent billions of dollars only to build the stadiums. The main problem was the time to finish all the stadiums and FIFA’s exigencies. The government spent billions with the World Cup and the Brazilians people have a lot of problems like health, security and ways of transport for example. So, we had strikes during the preparations of the world cup. But, we have to think about the positive points of the World Cup. The stadiums are amazing, beautiful and we receive very well the people from all the countries of the world and they spend lots of dollars buying gifts, food, clothes, etc. (M.V.W.)

- The World Cup in Brazil is the only opportunity to many people of this country to see a competition like this. Probably it will take many years to happen again a so important competition like this in Brazil. During a month, we can know people and cultures of all the world. It’s an important moment to Brazil, the country which favourite sport is soccer. But there is the other side. The government used this moment to steal a lot of money from the public safes. The stadiums were built and cost much more money than in other countries. With this “extra” money, it’s possible to construct many schools, hospitals, roads, houses to poor people, etc. (F.Z.)

- The World Cup is considered the most important event to football. When Brazil was indicated to host the World Cup I was happy and sad, too. I was happy because the stadiums could be constructed, people (tourists), com come to our country, the hotels could gain money. Our airports could be improved and the highways too. But these improvements have high costs!! Not totally improved by FIFA. Then the money which could be used to build hospitals, schools and to pay better the doctors and teachers was used to the reforms necessary for the World Cup. Now, the World Cup is here!! Then, let’s go cheering for Brazil team! (D.P.)

- In my opinion the World Cup in Brazil brings more positive than negative points. The negative are related to the higher costs of the stadiums constructions. I think that the money should be spent in other necessity areas, like health and education. But as Brazilian people give more value to a soccer game and their players, that’s ok. It depends on the point of view! On the other side, we have positive points like a foreign who visits our country and spends some money during the trip. For me it’s a good point because increases the local economy. But after the end of the cup, all returns to a normal situation. This is Brazil! (G.R.)

- I think the World Cup in Brazil is a cool thing but it happened on the wrong time. Because in a few years we couldn’t build stadiums. It happened strikes in the whole country, people destroying cars and small markets and anybody was giving a sh…! Of course that happened because the politicians are not qualified and the populations is ignorant. But the world cup brought some nice things to our country, for example new streets, new airports, tourists and some nice matches. The World Cup had its ups and downs.(R.R.P.S. – teenager)

- The World Cup in Brazil spent a lot of money but raised a lot, too. When people of other countries come, the tickets are very expensive and some people bought. But there are people making some strikes against the World Cup in Brazil. They complain about the politicians but they vote in the wrong persons. But the World Cup is very good for the country to have the notion about what it is. It has been very good and it hasn’t happened any problem. (L.F.H. – teenager)

- The World Cup in Brazil has a great and a bad side. Many tourists come to Brazil and they will do the shopping and increase the economy, but on the other hand they are overcharging many soccer stadiums and buildings, money that could be used in public education and health. Because of these problems many strikes are being done. A big part of them start pacifically and ends in violence. A group of people named “Black Blocks” is the cause of this and that’s why many people don’t participate in these movements. (R.G. – teenager)

- Positive aspects – a lot of people from other nationalities come to know Brazil and see the sights, and they will enjoy it and come back. Negative aspects – the president spent a lot of money and there will be a lot of thieves. The tickets are very expensive and the Brazilians are very rude. The traffic is really bad! It’s dangerous to go out on the street. I think that the World Cup in Brazil is good in some points and bad in others, but the matches are very nice and my friends and I always cheer. (M.E.P. – teenager)

- I think the World Cup in Brazil is a stupid event because Dilma invested money on bad things like stadiums and more, instead of investing on hospitals, schools, slums and good things. She is an ignorant person. I guess there are no positive points and I just watch the soccer games on TV because there’s nothing on and I eat popcorn. But I really like to see Portugal matches because Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in the world, and Hulk’s bottom is very interesting. (A.P.S. – teenager)

- The World Cup in Brazil will be a tragedy, people will enter illegally in the games, there will be strikes, but I will cheer for Brazil because I live here and it will be very nice to see Neymar breaking his leg. But the World Cup has its good sides, one man bit other, bad players running after the ball and breaking their legs. Maybe Brazil wins or another team wins, or Saddam Hussein will appeared and kill everyone, or more probably, one team will raise the World Cup Prize. (P.M.A.C. – teenager)

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