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artigosGood and bad points about being a man / woman

-Men in a little time are ready to go out, they only have a shower and get dressed, but women need much time for the make-up, choosing the clothes, shoes and accessories…Men are not so exuberant as women. (A.S.)

- Usually men have less luxury than women, they play football with their friends, don’t get pregnant, don’t have a period and don’t need to spend a fortune each time they go to the hairdresser, among other things. (M.J.P.)

- The good things about a woman are the house organization, going shopping, having make-up and having babies. The bad things are the period and putting on weight. Men are funny but sexist. (M.C.)

- Good: more abilities, driving better and fast, loving soccer, being good at cooking barbecue, being more friends to other men, stronger than women. Bad: not sensitive, drinking a lot of alcohol, not liking to buy clothes and not having housework. (T.P.)

- Women are incredible, beautiful, loving, caring, charming, inseparable mothers, taking good care of the family and work hard every day. Women are just a little jealous to protect their children, and do not stop being stubborn most of the times. (L.)

- The good points about being a woman are because we can buy many clothes and go to the hairdresser every month. The negative point is when we don’t have money to do this. (P.S.)

- The man is practical, from buying clothes to choosing food, different from the woman who spends much time for all. Man and woman are similar, but look things from an opposite angle. However, we must live with harmony. (C.S.)

- Good points: careful, like details, can be a mother, grandmother, can do many things at the same time, se take care of the house, buy many clothes , like to be beautiful and do makeup. Bad points: many times we are very busy with the housework, we haven’t time for anything and this is bad because we become stressed people and the men say we are with TPM. (J.P.B.O)

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