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artigosProblems while camping - a short story.

- That morning was wonderful for camping, it was hot but with a breeze. My friends and I took the bags, put them in the car and followed to the camping site. When we arrived there I started to put in order the things. They went after the wood for the bonfire. When they came back, they brought a lot of wood. We made the bonfire and roasted marshmallows and after that it got worse. The weather closed and started raining a lot. We ran and entered in the car, because the tent was not prepared. We waited 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours and the rain didn’t stop. Then we decided to go home and our camping didn’t work. (C.T.K. – teenager)

- Last spring we were in a park, it was really cool, fun and more. I went with my friends and my boyfriend. The way to the park was very cool and we sang, joked and did other things. When e got there, we went to eat something first. After eating, we went to assemble the tents, it was a lot of confusion because we were vying to decide who would assemble the tent and who would be just watching. (M.V. – teenager)

- Hi! I will tell you the last night! I was camping with my best friend Fulana! She told me that I had to be ready at 7 o’clock, that’s a problem because I’m slow to get ready, so, you can imagine what happened. It was 7:30 and I wasn’t ready, yeah, I was late, but she understood and we went there at 8 o’clock. The weather was cool, the sky was starred, the moon was big, it was beautiful, and we were camping next to the river. We ate marshmallows in the fire, I loved it! And we slept at 4 a.m.! (M.W.L. – teenager)

- Years ago I went fishing. I was fishing in the river Negrinho. I fished a bagre with a much fat form. I was camouflaged in the forest to prepare a fish in the bonfire. In the other day I fell in the river and there was a shark with two heads. I stabbed it and it died. I got back to my city. (A.B.L. – teenager)

- My family was visiting a camping site in a forest. We arrived almost at night, took away from the car and we got prepared to camp. In the morning we went catching fish, the lake was very profound. In the afternoon it started to rain, the temperature was very low. In the night we prepared the firewood because we needed to prepare the dinner. (V.B. – teenager)

- Last weekend I and my friends were camping. We were in a small forest but it was very frightening! At midnight we were around the bonfire when my friend listened to a noise.She was very scared but we said “it’s nothing!”. After a time all of us listened to that noise, but it was rising, so we were aware. My other friend took three lanterns for us. We went to the forest, but the noise had stopped, so we went to sleep in our tent very peacefully! (N.S.G.- teenager)

- Last summer my friends and I went camping. It was a beautiful place. There were many trees and a lake. In the night we told stories, terror stories. We were scared. In the next day we played and in the evening we were swimming in the lake. (A.C.H.C. – teenager)

- Three years ago, in September, we were prepared to go camping in Iguaçu river. When we arrived we went direct to catch fish. Two hours after we got twenty-two fish. We cooked the fish and ate a lot. In the night I didn’t sleep because of the animals’ noise then I listened to music. The night passed very fast and we went back to my house. (J.S.S. – pre-teen)

- We were on the edge of a fire when the sky was noisy and started to rain. I ran and I fell, and my friends ran… I wanted a tent. The animals were very dangerous, it appeared a snake and I forgot the snake is very dangerous because of the poison. My friends ate roasted marshmallow, it was very good. I didn’t have food because they ate all. Me and my friends slept and my clothes got we. (R.D.B. – teenager)

- I was in a farm of nature, with my friends, Louise, Fernanda, Laura, Aline, Dominique, Sarah and my chuchu (Clarice). We went camping in the far. In the evening we put up the tents, in the night we saw the sky starry, it was beautiful! (N.S. – teenager)

- Last weekend I and my friends went camping in Paula Pereira. When we arrived, we put up the tent and we went fishing in the river. I caught a fish so big that when I got it off the river, the water diminished! That was a good day, we were playing football, we swam and rode a boat. The weather was very good and we had the sun all day. (F.V. – teenager)

- In a beautiful day, with sun, off camping were Lu, Gi, Jo, Gabi and I, when it started to rain. We went to a van and got there until the rain stopped. Inside the van we played cards and ate cookies and drank guaraná. Later we went to sleep. We woke up at 10a.m. and went to play bets until lunch. After we talked about school and the teacher, in the evening we went to do the school work and not even saw the big rain that arrived. We got our laptop wet, we left running and lost everything. We went home and cried for loosing all. (R.B. – teenager)

- While camping with friends from the University, some problems appeared. The place where we stayed was very dirty. The ground was too inclined. It didn’t have potable water then the military lent us water from the truck.(E.A.)

- The summer weather is a good time for camping, starry night is perfect. But it’s difficult to sleep because the bed is in the floor and the house is a tent. It doesn’t have a bathroom and there are many mosquitoes.(K.G.R.)

- Last holiday I went camping with my friends in my father’s farm. We stayed on the farm during two days. We assembled the tent in front of a small river, and at night it started the nightmare with mosquitoes and the neat. (G.S.B.)

- We went camping last summer with the guys from work. We were ten people – five men and five women. The name of the place we went to was Timbó Grande, on the edge of a very large river. (C.B.)

- We went fishing and played football and volleyball on the grass. I took twenty-two fish in four days, this because I was swimming in the dam. The weather was very good, neither too hot nor cold. (C.J.S.)

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